Mitsubishi to launch new carbonless paper at Drupa

Mitsubishi to launch new  carbonless paper at Drupa, the latest in its giroform paper series.


The new paper in the giroform series feeds any digital press

Suitable for use on all toner-based printing systems and black and white copiers, the new paper is fully carbonless.

UK and Ireland Mitsubishi sales director Brian Garson said: “In giroform Digital OneforAll we have developed a new universal 80gsm carbonless paper grade for the digital production of individual, personalised forms and documents.”

The new paper follows on from two previous giroform products, giroform Digital, launched in 2006 and posited by the manufacturer as the world’s first  ncr paper for digital printing, and giroform Digital Light, launched in 2012. Garson said it combines the advantages of both products.

He added: “Carbonless paper plays an important role in the vast range of printing papers, without many end users or offices being fully aware of it. It is more economical and time saving than photocopying single printed sheets of paper.”

“It has been called a magic paper because the carbonless copy is produced by the action of impact or writing pressure, which causes a reaction to take place between the two coatings on the front and reverse side of the sheet.”

The paper is fully FSC certified with a base weight of 80gsm. It will be available in Coated Back (CB), Coated Front and Back (CFB) and Coated Front (CF) in reels of any size, A4 and SRA3 sheets or pre-collated sets. It feeds any digital printer.

Mitsubishi will be exhibiting other papers from various ranges at Drupa, including its jetscript DL 2584 for high-speed inket printing, jetscript MH 1484 for desktop ticket printers, and various HP-certified thermal papers.

Mitsubishi increased the cost of its coated specialty papers by 6% on the 1st of April, as a response to the continued rise of the price of raw materials. This was its second price rise in seven months.

Mitsubishi HiTec Paper produces its full range of specialty papers at its plants in Bielefeld and Flensburg, with a UK sales office in Slough, Berkshire. It employs approximately 700 people, producing 185,000 tonnes of paper per year.

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