Printed Corporate Presentation Folders

Printed Corporate Presentation Folders

When Designing  printed Corporate Presentation Folders  with a Printer Over Phone  the process of ordering custom  folders can be a bit confusing. Choosing the wrong option or neglecting a crucial design element can increase production time and cost for your folders and leave you with an inferior product.

Your folder printer should be able to talk you through the process ,but your best bet for the perfect product is to know how to best work with your printer beforehand.

Using a Template

Make sure you understand the basic conventions of your folder template. Notice that it’s designed flat so that all sides are showing. In our template, the blue lines indicate the folds and die-cuts that create the shape of the folder, as well as slits for business cards or digital media.

Presentation Folder Template

Locate folded design elements including the inside pockets, info flaps and reinforced edges. These may be in different locations depending on the template. Note that for any folded elements, the design will have to be flipped so that it looks right side up when you open the folder.

Include a bleed area of at least 1/8″ overlapping the edge of your template. This bleed area ensures that the ink will print all the way to the edge of your folder without leaving a gap.

Bleed Area Diagram

Add special effects like embossing and foil stamping on a separate layer. Properly label any special layers and use contrasting colours to indicate to your printer that it’s a special element.

If your concept goes beyond the available folder templates, be sure to discuss custom die-cut design ideas with your printer.

Designing your Printed Corporate Presentation Folders

In-House Graphic Designer Find out if your printer has their own design team, as they may be able to help you create a design for your folder. You can give the designers your ideas, ask them to design based around a pre-existing logo or have them build a design from scratch based on your brand identity.

If you choose to design yourself, go over the design with your printer so that they can point out any areas which might be problematic and offer design expertise when necessary.

If you want to have the best of both worlds, you can create a mock-up design for your printer’s design team to work from. This is a good option for those with an eye for design but without the necessary skill level to create a polished final design.

Sending Artwork

Artwork must be in a compatible file format. Common formats include Quark Xpress, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, MS Word, Publisher and PowerPoint files are usually not compatible for a final design. Four Colour Printed Folder For any four-color design, ensure that your files are saved in CMYK mode.

Reviewing Proofs

Presentation Folder Proof Check for any errors. When your Printed Corporate Presentation Folders are ready to begin printing, your printer will send you a proof copy for final approval. It’s your responsibility to carefully check the proof to ensure everything is how you’d like it. When reviewing proofs, you should make sure the content is correct, that there are no spelling or grammatical errors, and that all of your pictures and visual elements are crisp, clean and clearly defined. Make sure that any special imprint areas are properly marked as such.

Review your marketing plan. This is your last opportunity to make sure the design is right for your brand’s marketing needs. Take the time to consider your marketing strategy and be sure that your design fits your brand image before finalizing your order.

Don’t worry about printing errors. Some (but not all) printers will check for printing inconsistencies and errors during the printing process, so you shouldn’t worry too much about checking for these things in your proof. If you do find a major error in your proof, however, you may want to consider using a different printer altogether.

Selecting Quantity

Use a higher quantity when possible. Folders are printed in batches and most printers offer price breaks on the per-folder cost when you place larger orders. Select an option that works for your budget and fits your marketing strategy.

Consider printing multiple designs. Some printers may allow you to print multiple designs as one large batch. However, you must use the same folder template for each folder and there may be an extra charge for printing costs, such as additional PMS inks.

The best printers provide a quality guarantee and will rerun your order at no charge to you if there was a problem during production. However, a reputable printer will do spot-checking at every printing stage to ensure great folder quality and prevent future reruns, so you should rarely have an issue.


Working with your folder printer is easiest when they’re professional and reputable. The best printers will guarantee a quality product and will take care of you if things don’t go as planned.

However, like any relationship, it’s a two-way street and you must be willing to keep in touch with your printer to make sure your desires are being heard. If you don’t think they are, it’s best to walk away and find a printer who will treat your brand seriously.

Bespoke Corporate Presentation Folder printed by shanowen files

Printed Corporate Presentation Folders

Printed Corporate printed Presentation Folders by shanowenfiles

Printed Corporate Presentation Folders

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