Bespoke Tabbed Dividers

Bespoke Tabbed Dividers

Due to the inspiration and creativity of our customers, dividers are personalised to your company needs.

Due to the inspiration and creativity of our customers, our bespoke tabbed dividers  are personalised to your company needs. Our large and varied stock of materials will enable you to let your creations come true within a short period of time. It is hard to imagine a divider which we cannot produce. With printing images and colours and bespoke tab shapes and new materials present there are many ways of upgrading the divider to a valuable part of the overall presentation of your ring binder or documents. However, valuable doesn’t necessarily mean expensive....
Our production facilities often enable us to produce a unique and personalised design at similar cost to a conventional stock divider. Dividers can be printed by litho or digitally.

We manufacture all styles of custom made printed tabs according to your wishes. See for yourself on the following pages! Bespoke products for a very competitive price achieved through a streamlined industrial production. Plain or printed tabs with or without our 11 standard colours of Mylar, you decide. We can print in single or full colour, one or two sides. You can have them drilled, collated or inserted into folders. It’s up to you! We even make custom folders.

Are you a printer who needs your work converted to finished tab dividers? Again, no problem! We can send you a template in Quark, InDesign or PDF together with any advice you need and you can layout and print the job, send it to us and we will finish and pack it to your spec. and send it back.

tabbed divider with plastic

mylar tabbed dividers

Bespoke Tabbed Dividers

tabbed index divider

Bespoke tabbed divider

tabbed divider full colour

Printed divider set

tabbed divider numbered 1-50

Numbered index tabs

tabbed divider with plastic reinforced mylar

bespoke index set


From the multitude of different materials available today it is not difficult to find the optimum solution for each application. Here, we would like to give you an idea of the essential properties of these materials


We stock a large variety of coloured card and white card. We are supplied by all the paper manufacturers so that we can meet any specific demand. We carry litho card in 170, 190 and 250 gsm. Printing is possible in both digital and litho.

Mylar Reinforcement

Our automatic Mylar machines protect those parts of the divider which are subject to the most wear and tear with a clear or coloured mylar tape. Both holes and tabs can be reinforced in this way, thus providing an attractive and durable alternative to plastic dividers.

When card dividers experienced a renaissance a few years ago, the question was posed as to how their durability could be improved. We found the solution in other countries, where partially reinforced dividers - so-called Mylar dividers - have been popular for some time now and we have several machines for this production process.


The information value and individuality of any divider is essentially determined by its printing. Each material and each type of divider requires a specific printing method. Shanowen Files has invested extensively in machinery and plant to meet these different demands. The core facility in our print shop with litho printing.

Finishing Bespoke Tabbed Dividers

Shanowen Files is well prepared to meet most customer requirements towards the processing of their bespoke tabbed dividers, from a minimum hand-produced run of 50 sets up to large runs in fully automatic production. We utilize the many benefits of modern technology to ensure that your dividers are produced exactly as you imagine them. Our capable staff and our internal quality assurance system are further guarantors of customer satisfaction for your bespoke tabbed dividers.

Unusual tab forms, special punching and collating of even the most complex sets of bespoke tabbed dividers and subdivides (of course also with your contents) are just a few examples of our flexibility. Moreover, we are equipped to deal with any special packaging requirements, including shrink-wrapping and banding of the finished dividers.


At Shanowen Files, it all began with one semi-automatic machine, and today we produce Mylar® dividers for our customers here and abroad on three automatic scott tabbing machines. Our mylar machines process the ready-printed card dividers as follows in one operation: the tabs are reinforced with clear or coloured mylar tape, and, the hole margin, if desired, with a strip of reinforcement; finally, the divider is punched and tabbed.

In this way, the most sensitive parts of the divider are protected from daily wear and tear and hence the value of the divider considerably augmented.

tabbed divider printed to your own spec

personalised tabbed divider

tabbed divider

multi coloured tabbed divider

A5 printed tabbed divider

Black ink tabbed divider A5

index sets tabbed divider

Index sets