Coronavirus COVID-19

Coronavirus COVID-19

At Shanowen Files as a provider of essential services our warehouse, printing and production facilities remain fully operational & our team are contactable with their normal contact details.

We are taking every precaution to ensure all employees are complying with advice and guidance from the Irish Government and the HSE to eliminate any disruption to supply. We are following government guidelines when it comes to self-isolation decisions with employees.

The security of our supply chain remains a priority and we are monitoring this closely. We have had dialogue with all our critical suppliers over the past week. This includes raw material and engineering spare parts. We have placed forward orders with some, increased stock held in Santry.

All of our critical suppliers have committed to advise us of any changes in their circumstances.

At the factory we have changed the procedure for trucks making deliveries so the interaction between truck drivers and our staff is minimised. We are working on further refinements that will reduce this interaction even further.

We continue to actively monitor the situation both internally and with our partners. Although this is an ongoing situation, we want to reassure all customers that, at this time, we expect to fulfil orders without any interruption, however baring in mind we are extremely busing fulfilling our obligations to all of our HSE customers and are working to our best capacity to complete orders in an efficient time frame. We will try and have all order out as quickly as we possibly can.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this very difficult time.

Coronavirus COVID-19

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