Mylar Reinforcing

Mylar Reinforcing

Dividers may be reinforced on the tab and on the binding edge or both. Reinforcing can greatly extend the life of the divider.

Mylar Reinforcing

For mylar reinforcing we use heat Sealable Edge Reinforcing Film for reinforcing. This can be applied to the back or the front of the binding edge. This is the perfect way to prevent tears on important papers and punch holes.

Mylar Tabbed Dividers

Dividers may be reinforced on the tab and on the binding edge or both. The binding edge is the edge that has the holes for mounting in a folder or binder and the tab is the part that protrudes from the main body of the sheet. These are the areas that suffer the greatest wear and tear in general use. Non reinforced dividers commonly tear out at the holes and the tabs can become dog-eared or illegible. Reinforcing them can greatly extend the life of the divider.

In order to reinforce these areas, a tough virtually un-tearable strip of Mylar(R), a form of polyester film that is sealed down under heat and pressure to permanently bond it to the fibres of the board. The result is a neat shiny wear resistant surface. The binding edge film is clear and normally applied to the back side of the divider. The tab film wraps around both sides of the tab and is also normally clear but may be applied in any of our range of 10 standard colours: Yellow, Light Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Purple, Medium Blue, Light Blue, Medium Green and Light Green. You can even have each tab in a different colour if you wish!more info at

What Does Mylar Mean?

A Dupont trade name for a tough, practically un-tearable polyester film which is heat sealed over tabs to provide protection and colour. Mylar strips can also be sealed to the binding edge of sheets to prevent tear out from 2 or 4-hole ring binders.

Mylar reinforcing

Punched holes with Mylar Reinforcing

mylar reinforcing

Mylar Reinforcing

mylar reinforcing

Coloured mylar reinforcing

mylar reinforcing to protect the punch holes

Mylar Reinforcing on the punch holes

mylar reinforcing on tabbed dividers

Mylar Reinforcing on the tabs

Edge reinforcing film is perfect for the following:

  • Reinforced Edge Ruled Paper
  • Reinforced Page Dividers
  • Clinical Notes
mylar reinforcing to protect the punch holes

Edge reinforcing with mylar

  • Tabbed Dividers
  • Custom Applications
  • Binder Dividers
mylar reinforcing plastic on paper

Mylar Reinforcing on A4

  • File Folders
  • Hole Reinforcing
  • Medical Record File
mylar reinforcing

Mylar Reinforcing