Medical Print & Design Sector in Ireland

Medical Print & Design Sector in Ireland

We are solely focused on the medical print sector here at shanowen files we offer a complete suite of print solutions to the Healthcare industries,our services and products provide tailored  print solutions to the medical print sector including medical printed forms, labels, clinical notes, file folders, ncr pads, and Custom printed chart covers,

Often starting with an assessment of your facility, we investigate opportunities to standardize clinical documents, streamline your workflow and ensure you are taking advantage of the latest in print technology.

We appreciate that hospitals are a ‘pressure environment’ and, as such, ensure that we provide support in whatever way it may required. This includes warehousing, call-off arrangements, and staged invoicing for contracts.

Regardless of how difficult or unusual your requirement may be, please contact us and we will be pleased to arrange for a representative to visit you to discuss it in detail.

With over 25 years of experience in printing for the medical print sector and a wealth of knowledge in working with the HSE, our sales representatives can advise on print & design any product or project that you are working on. We supply samples, digital proof and mock-ups which will give you confidence and assurance with the quality of our work.

Below are just a small example of items we produce for various the medical print sector

  • Clinical notes/Continuation sheets
  • Consent forms/Casenotes reinforced on the punch holes
  • Pre-admission forms and Admission notes
  • Surgery booklets ,stitched or perfect bond
  • Therapy forms
  • Risk assessment booklets
  • Prescription pads
  • History sheets print black & white
  • Mount sheets with self adhesive strips
  • Laboratory forms/specimen bags
  • Medication kardex booklets
  • Patient charts made to order
  • Drug controlled books numbered
  • Theatre request forms in ncr format
  • Letterheads/appointment cards
  • Lab sheets,Lab reports
  • Prescription medication booklets
  • Medical Print & Design Sector in Ireland

    medical print & design sector

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